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Our Story...

Johan Matthews headshot

Johan Matthews, 

Principal + Founder

Mutual Design is a global strategy + co-design company

based out of Schenectady, NY. 

We were founded in 2019 to respond to what our founder calls disconnection by design: a condition where a community cannot equitably access the services or spaces they need to live flourishing lives.

Since then, we have collaborated with local leaders + institutions in emerging communities such as the City of Schenectady, SUNY Schenectady, Common Wealth,
Black Farmer Fund, Canari, LandArt Studio + more
to facilitate award-winning equitable change strate

Our Services Include:

  • Conducting user research community outreach 
    to inspire the design of inclusive initiatives.

  • Facilitating experiences that engage diverse stakeholders
    in ideation shared decision-making.

  • Coaching + collaborating with local leaders + institutions
    to implement equitable change strategies.


"Mutual means shared.

Anything shared flourishes.
At Mutual Design

we reconcile social complexity

to create shared futures"

Thanks for reaching out!

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